Shen's Garden night

Shen’s Garden, A Famous Garden Obtained its Eternal Reputation from Lyrics of “Phoenix Hairpin”

In order to let tourists experience a different style of the garden, Lu Xun Native Place · Shen’s Garden Scenic Area elaborately established Shaoxing Night Tour Brand- the “Night of Shen’s Garden” Old Fashion Night Tour. At nightfall, Shen’s Garden is colorful, elegant and classical with echoing shady lighting, well-proportioned scenery and luxuriant and well-spaced flowers and trees. Walking in the garden, tourists feel as if they are in dreamland. Night tour to Shen’s Garden enables tourists to better appreciate the famous romantic garden and watch the ancient-style performance of “Romance in Shen’s Garden”

An experience of archaic and old fashioned night tour to  garden

“Night of Shen’s Garden” relives the past history, let the tourists experience walking among the ancient people. With the guidance of the family retainers and maids, tourists may exchange coins of Song Dynasty, use them to buy local flavor snacks in Song Street, admire scenery in the garden with the accompany of the butler, taste hand-shaped red crispy cake and yellow wine, the specialties of Shen’s Garden, and watch ancient-style household performance to appreciate the fantastic folk customs of Song Dynasty.

Appreciate a touching and sad masterpiece of love

Love is the eternal theme of human being. “Night of Shen’s Garden” focuses on the historic fact of the romance between Lu You and Tang Wan. By tasting of hand-shaped red crispy snack and yellow wine, introduction of “Phoenix Hairpin”, performance of “Romance of Shen’s Garden” and various forms of description and rendering, the garden will greatly arouse the tourists’ emotion and tourists cannot help being touched by the deep and loyal affection between Lu You and Tang Wan and being carried away in the fantastic melody. 

Appreciate the wonderful performance suitable for both refined and popular taste in Shen’s Garden

Romance of Shen’s Garden is the essence and climax of “Night of Shen’s Garden”. While retaining the elegance and uniqueness of the local folk art , the performance caters to the taste of the masses and suits both refined and popular tastes and fully display the diversified artistic charms. The performance include 4 sections, i.e. “Spring Outing in Shen’s Garden, Desperate Love in Shen’s Garden, Grieve over Past in Shen’s Garden, Forever Love in Shen’s Garden” to vividly narrate the romantic and beautiful love story between Lu You and Tang Wan. The humorous butler of Shen’s Garden wins warm applauds from the audiences. The audiences will not only be pleased and emotionally moved, but will also have a mental relax from the splendid performing arts.

“Night of Shen’s Garden” perfectly integrates cultural classics, folk customs and traditional arts and suits both refined and popular taste. It combines ancient entertainment form with modern leisure philosophy and suits people of all ages. “Night of Shen’s Garden” will present a spectacular scroll and provide a new experience for night leisure tour.

Opening hours for night tour: 18: 30-21: 00

Performance time: 19: 40-20: 30

Venue: Shen’s Garden Scenic Area